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11 Acre Pickleball Facility | Pickleball Video Game | Changes for the UK Pickleball Premier League in Season 2

Improving precision and control | USA Nationals | Upcoming Tournaments & Festivals

11-acre pickleball facility to be built in Scottsdale

One of the world’s biggest pickleball facilities is being built in Scottdsale, Arizona, and will be ready as soon as Autumn 2024. Get your flights booked!

The 11-acre site will make this facility the biggest in Arizona and will boast 28 over-sized (34’x64’) indoor pickleball courts featuring a world-class cushioned playing surface.

Each court will have high-quality video cameras for streaming or recording matches.

The centrepiece of the facility will be a first-of-its-kind Championship Court (50’x70’) with a wrap-around 500-seat stadium and state-of-the-art production capabilities for televised matches.

A second phase of the project will include 16 indoor courts, 2 rooftop courts and a number of other amenities such as a members locker room, gym, after-school tutoring, childcare and more!

The facility will also become the official headquarters and official national training centre for USA Pickleball.

Meanwhile, in the UK, we can only dream.

To read more about plans for this fantastic facility, click here.

Pickleball video game is in production

The PPA has announced the future release of a pickleball game called PPA Pickleball Tour 2024. This is great news for old-school gamers who love a sports simulation but also great news for widening the reach of pickleball to a new and younger audience.

Little information has been released about the game and right now there is no release date but looking at the artwork, it would seem the game will be available on PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.

There was however a video posted online of pickleball pro, Jay Devilliers, playing a beta version of the game. Click below to check it out on Instagram.

UK Franklin Premier Pickleball League expanding to three divisions in Season 2

The Franklin Premier Pickleball League has officially announced the expansion of the league for Season 2. The announcement states that the league will be expanded from one division to three including a 50+ division. The league will have the following divisions.

  • PPL Premier

  • PPL Challenger

  • PPL Masters (50+)

More details are coming soon but Ed Hares and I also covered this announcement in a recent podcast. Check that out here.

Coaching Corner

The Strike Zone: Improve Precision and Control

Introduction to the Strike Zone

In pickleball, the concept of the 'strike zone' is crucial for maintaining precision and control over your shots. This area, a semi-circle imagined in front of the player, represents the optimal space for making contact with the ball. Understanding and utilizing the strike zone can significantly improve your gameplay.

Location of the Strike Zone

The strike zone is always located in front of your body. It doesn't matter where you are on the court; the goal is to hit the ball within this zone. This is especially important for dinking, where maintaining balance and facing the court are essential for successful shots.

Importance of Contacting the Ball in the Strike Zone

Making contact with the ball in the strike zone is vital for a few reasons. Firstly, it helps in maintaining balance. Hitting the ball in this zone ensures that your body is appropriately aligned, reducing the likelihood of unforced errors. Secondly, it increases the consistency of your shots. By hitting the ball in the same area repeatedly, you can develop a rhythm and predictability that is key in a sport like pickleball.

Footwork and Adjusting to the Ball

Good footwork is integral to keeping the ball within your strike zone. Instead of compensating with your wrist or arm when the ball is out of reach, use your feet to adjust your position. This ensures that the ball is always in front of you and within your strike zone.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

A common mistake in pickleball is trying to hit the ball when it's behind you or out of your strike zone, leading to a low success rate. Such shots often result in loss of balance and control. Always strive to move in a way that keeps the ball within your strike zone.

Application Across the Court

The strike zone is not just for when you're near the kitchen line; it applies wherever you are on the court. Keeping the ball in your strike zone across various court positions ensures greater control and consistency in your game.


Mastering the strike zone in pickleball is about understanding its importance and consistently applying this concept during play. Through deliberate practice and mindful movement, you can significantly enhance your ability to control the game and reduce errors. Pickleball is about precision, and controlling your strike zone is a key step toward mastering shot consistency.

Upcoming UK Tournaments & Festivals

Each month there are several events taking place throughout the UK. Why not get involved?

The next events on the calendar are:

Hampshire England Pickleball Masters
Kingsley Tennis Centre
16th - 19th November
Registration Closed

Wycombe DUPR Dash
High Wycombe
18th November

For all events visit the Pickled Events website!

If you’d like to promote your event for free in the Pickleball Addiction newsletter and on the Pickled Events website. Go here.

USA pickleball national championships airs on Pickleball TV

Source: USA Pickleball

The USA Pickleball National Championships took place over the weekend and was the first event to be aired on PickleballTV.

The event certainly did come with some drama. For the first time in 7 years, the men’s singles title WASN’T won by either Ben John’s or Tyson McGuffin who both went out in earlier matches.

Instead, the men’s singles event was won by JW Johnson beating Jaume Martinez Vich in three games 6-11, 11-7, 11-5. Jaume had previously knocked out Tyson McGuffin earlier in the game and did go home with his first pro medal.

The women’s final was a very tightly contested affair with Anna Leigh Waters and Catherine Parenteau going head to head once again with Anna Leigh having to fight off 4 match points in the final set before taking down the title.

In familiar style, Anna Leigh Waters completed the triple crown and Ben John’s took home the other 2 gold medals available to him by winning in both the men’s and mixed doubles.

You can now watch all the key games from the USA Nationals on the PPA YouTube channel here.

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