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  • Black Friday Deals at Pickleball Addiction | Innovative new Pickleball brand launches 'quiet' paddle | Brain Lim Interview, host of Building Pickleball

Black Friday Deals at Pickleball Addiction | Innovative new Pickleball brand launches 'quiet' paddle | Brain Lim Interview, host of Building Pickleball

US Nationals see record numbers and a ton of complaints, including enforced sandbagging! | Upcoming Events and Festivals

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OWL Sport releases paddle to combat noise issues

Owl Sport is an innovative new sports company looking to address pickleball paddle noise with the launch of their ‘quiet paddle’.

More a problem in the US because of the outdoor courts, Pickleball adoption has been hampered by the noise that is created by the ball hitting the paddle.

Residents local to Pickleball courts have been up in arms all over the country which has even led, in some locations, to a ban on Pickleball or courts being closed.

In response to this problem, USA Pickleball created a quiet category for pickleball equipment back in September.

The OWL is the first paddle on the market that delivers a level below 600 hertzs and below 80 decibels, delivering a 50% reduction in total noise profile (a requirement to qualify for the quiet category).

To read more about the OWL paddle, click here.

Upcoming Tournaments & Festivals

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US Nationals see record numbers and a ton of complaints, including enforced sandbagging!

Source: USA Pickleball

The US Nationals played at Brookhaven Country Club in Texas came with its fair share of complaints this year. Everything from the lack of portable toilets, wait times for shuttles, the size of some of the brackets, and possibly the strangest of all, enforced sandbagging.

Using the player rating system that they had created called USA Tournament Player Ratings (UTPR), USA Pickleball forced players to enter brackets that matched their rating.

The problem with this was that, unlike DUPR there simply was not enough data for player ratings to be accurate, meaning that some players who regularly played in 5.0 brackets, for example, were forced to play 3.5 despite the players protesting their case.

As you can imagine, this didn’t end well and I’m sure that this is something that will not be repeated next year.

Complaints about queuing and the state of the toilets could be forgiven a little more perhaps due to the fact that the national saw a recorded number of players and spectators.

The 7-Day event saw 50,000 people in attendance throughout the week which was more than double the expected numbers.

In addition to the 50,000 in attendance, 2.6 million people watched the coverage across ESPN, the Tennis Channel and PickleballTV. 3,500 players also participated in the event across 7,000 matches.

Several podcasts had entertaining recaps of the US Nationals and you can find a few here.

King of the Court
Pickleball Studio

Entrepreneurial Journeys in Pickleball with Brain Lim from Building Pickleball

In this episode, I talk with Brian Lim, host of the popular podcast, Building Pickleball. If you’re not already watching and subscribed to Brain’s channel you should go do it now.

We discuss his range of careers from a former pro-MMA fighter, pastry cook, and UX Designer to Pickleball Podcast host before discussing some of the interviews he's conducted with some of the biggest names in pickleball.

We also discuss the growth of Pickleball in the US and Austin, get Brian's view on how pickleball coaching could evolve to be more effective, and his vision for pickleball in the next 12-24 months.

Brian is great to listen to so I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.

Paddle Spotlight

JOOLA Solaire CFS 14

This paddle from Joola has some unique characteristics. The CFS 14 is a power paddle but comes in the classic wider shape which is unusual for a power paddle.

It has a long handle, a thinner core, and a heavier weight which gives the paddle plenty of power, however, given the shape of the paddle and its injected foam edges the sweet spot is significantly better.

This extra stability means that this paddle can still be comfortable in the hands of beginner and intermediate players.

The paddle also generates great spin due to its durable carbon friction surface (CFS).

Overall this is a player-friendly paddle that has a nice combination of stability, spin, and power. We’d recommend this paddle for anyone looking to take their pickleball game a little more seriously.

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