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  • Breaking Pickleball Documentary out April 1st | Europe suffers painful defeat to USA in the Atlantic Cup

Breaking Pickleball Documentary out April 1st | Europe suffers painful defeat to USA in the Atlantic Cup

Pickleball England launches club instructor workshops | Mastering the Two-Handed Backhand Reset | Upcoming UK Tournaments & Festivals

Europe suffers painful defeat to USA in the Atlantic Cup

Source: APP

Team Europe put up an incredible fight against Team USA in Miami at the weekend but fell at the last hurdle eventually losing 5-4 in the inaugural Atlantic Cup.

“Despite a really close 5-4 loss, it was an amazing week in Miami.

Captaining Team Europe was an honour and I’m so proud of the team for our efforts this week.”

Louis Laville - Team Europe Co-Captain

Team Europe dominated singles day on Friday, but Team USA made up some ground in the gender doubles the following day meaning Team Europe took a 4-2 lead into the final day, mixed doubles.

This meant that Team USA, represented by the APP Next Gen Team, had to win all three mixed doubles matches to win the cup and that’s exactly what they did.

Source: APP

By all measures, the first Atlantic Cup was a great success. Commentators described the atmosphere as electric with fans from both teams offering great support.

“It’s so exciting for the six of us to come in from Europe and to compete against the American team.

The atmosphere has been great, it’s really exciting.”

Thaddea Lock - Team Europe Co-Captain

There was also a lot of energy and passion shown on the court, with players rising to the occasion to provide the watching supporters with some great play.

A huge disappointment was the lack of televised coverage. This seemed like a big missed opportunity that would have garnered a lot of interest from viewership in both Europe and the USA.

With the event being such a great spectacle, this would have also been a great win for the sport in general as viewers would have been able to bask in the competitive atmosphere potentially encouraging more people to take up the sport.

Source: APP

The APP’s focus on growing the game outside of the US is commendable but they need to make it more accessible to more pickleball fans.

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Pickleball England launches club instructor workshops

Source: Pickleball England

As we reported in February, until now, if you wanted to get qualified to coach Pickleball in the UK then you needed to follow the International Teaching Professionals Association (IPTPA) Certification Curriculum.

But now, months in the making, Pickleball England has taken the first steps in launching their own coaching curriculum, starting with the Club Instructor Workshops. Two dates are already in the calendar for early April.

  • 1st April - The Triangle, Burgess Hill RH15 8WA

  • 8th April - Barnet Copthall Leisure Centre, London NW4 1PX

The qualification is the equivalent of IPTPA Level 1 and will be taught by Rob Williams and Sam Basford, both Master Teaching Professionals who have been teaching pickleball under the IPTPA curriculum for a couple of years now.

Interested in learning more about pickleball and becoming a registered club instructor? Registration is open now!

Coaching Corner

Source: Pickleball England

Mastering the Two-Handed Backhand Reset in Pickleball

This article is inspired by a video tutorial on the Briones Pickleball YouTube Channel. Check it out here.

In pickleball, the two-handed backhand reset is a crucial skill for players aiming to enhance their game. This article delves into the technique, offering insights on execution and application during gameplay.

The Two-Handed Reset

The two-handed backhand reset is vital for maintaining control during fast-paced rallies. In this article, we talk about transitioning from defense to offense, emphasising the importance of a relaxed grip and proper positioning.

Two-Handed Reset Execution and Tips

Grip and Posture: Utilise a Continental grip with your dominant hand, placing your non-dominant hand's fingers on top for added control.

Aim for a light grip pressure, around 2 out of 10 on the grip pressure scale. This relaxed approach will allow for better ball control and a smoother execution. Experiment with different finger placements to find the most natural and comfortable grip for you.

Stability and Balance: Adopt a wide stance for stability, particularly when receiving powerful shots. Your elbows should be slightly bent, allowing flexibility and responsiveness in your shots.

Execution in Gameplay: During matches, the two-handed backhand reset allows players to neutralize opponents' attacks, transitioning smoothly from defensive to offensive play.

Practical Application: On-Court Drills

Transition Zone Drills: Start close to the net and gradually move back, practicing the reset at various distances. This helps adapt the technique to different game scenarios.

Partner Feeding Drills: Engage in drills with a partner where they feed you fast-paced shots, allowing you to practice the reset under pressure, enhancing your reaction time and precision.

Gameplay Integration: Apply the two-handed backhand reset in match scenarios, focusing on using it as a strategic tool to shift the momentum and create offensive opportunities.

Final Thoughts

The two-handed backhand reset is a crucial component of any pickleball player's arsenal. By mastering this shot, you'll be better equipped to handle those challenging transition balls and maintain a strong defensive position on the court.

Embrace the process, practice diligently, and enjoy the journey of continuous improvement in your pickleball game.

See the two-handed backhand in practice here.

Breaking Pickleball Documentary Launches on the 1st April 2024

Have you been waiting for an exciting pickleball documentary? Wait no longer. On the 1st April Breaking Pickleball will launch on YouTube FREE for a limited time.

The Arizona Pickleball League at The Orchard has created a documentary of Season 1.

The documentary will be available for a limited time only over two weeks, starting Monday 1st April, and ending on April 21st.

The Arizona Pickleball League has partnered with a production company to pitch “Breaking Pickleball” to Netflix, Amazon, AppleTV, etc starting in May. Once this process starts, the documentary cannot be available to the public.

How to watch the documentary

  1. Go to breakingbickleball.com 

  2. Sign up with your email address

  3. On 1st April you’ll receive a private YouTube link to watch Episode 1

When you sign up, you’ll automatically be entered into a contest to WIN FREE SELKIRK PADDLES FOR LIFE (1 winner chosen at the end of April).

Watch the trailer here now.

Upcoming UK Tournaments & Festivals

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