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  • LTA fears Pickleball will cannibalize Tennis | Tom Brady builds a Pickleball court at his $17m mansion

LTA fears Pickleball will cannibalize Tennis | Tom Brady builds a Pickleball court at his $17m mansion

Bernhard Langer to miss his final masters tournament due to Pickleball injury | How to choose the right Pickleball Paddle | Upcoming Tournaments & Festivals

LTA fears Pickleball will cannibalize Tennis

Source: Tennis Support Group

In a recent interview with the Tennis Support Group on YouTube Oliver Scadgell, Participation Director of the LTA outlined his plan for the LTA over the next 2 years.

You can watch the full interview here:

In this interview, he stated:

“To grow it [pickleball] in a complimentary way to tennis, that’s important, we don’t want Pickleball to cannibalise tennis. We want them both to grow in a complimentary way.“

Oliver Scadgell - Participation Director at the LTA

This of course raises eyebrows. A person should be free to choose a sport over tennis if they want to, without the governing body telling them when and at what age it is appropriate.

There are plenty of examples of this through history, one might be T20 cricket taking a chunk out of test cricket interest and participation. T20 holds more appeal because of its exciting fast-paced format. For test cricket die-hards, T20 just isn’t cricket but you don’t get to choose what people like and play.

Of course the difference between Pickleball and Tennis is even more stark given that they are entirely different cames (albeit with transferable skills)

If, as this interview suggests, the LTA is living in fear of Pickleball, this mindset will not lead to an appropriate level of investment in the game. Pickleball as one of the world’s fastest growing sports deserves that.

Scadgell also gives reasons for why he believes that the LTA is best placed to be the governing body for Pickleball stating:

“We feel that our resources, both human and financial mean that we are in a better position to invest in Pickleball for the long term.“

Oliver Scadgell - Participation Director at the LTA

As we discussed in our previous newsletter, the LTA’s track record for investment in sports other than Tennis is not good, and this ‘cannibalisation’ fear adds fuel to that fire.

A petition has been running against the LTA running pickleball in the UK since news of the LTA’s interest broke. This petition now has 2,711 signatures at the time of writing.

If you missed it, we also interviewed Karen Mitchell from Pickleball England on this very topic a few weeks ago. If you missed it, you can catch up below.

Pickleball England will be meeting with Sport England later this month so it will be interesting to hear how that goes and to get a better understanding of how Sport England think the sport should be governed in the UK.

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Tom Brady builds a Pickleball court at his $17m mansion

Source: The Daily Mail

Tom Brady, 7 time SuperBowl winner has included a pickleball court as part of his $17 million mansion build which is near to completion after 4 years. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Tim’s interest in Pickleball. He is also a part owner of Major League Pickleball (MLP) team the Las Vegas Night Owls.

Tom’s home has been built on a 300-acre private island, home to 34 estates, and is only accessible by a bridge manned by a guard.

Source: The Daily Mail

The property also includes a private boat dock, vegetable patch(!), yoga terrace, cabana and outdoor kitchen.

Having sports superstars like Tom Brady interested in the game is only a good thing for raising interest in Pickleball across the globe.

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Bernhard Langer to miss his final masters tournament due to Pickleball injury

Pro golfer, Bernhard Langer is a two-time masters champion and in January he announced that he would play the masters at Augusta National one last time saying “I don’t want to make a fool of myself playing against younger players”.

However, Langer’s plans have been scuppered since he last decided to hit the pickleball court. On the “Musing of Golf” podcast this week he confessed that the injury was an Achilles tendon tear playing pickleball and not a training injury as he previously claimed.

“I play all sorts of sports to stay fit, and this was part of my fitness regime,”

“I was playing pickleball and somebody was trying to lob me. I did a few steps backward and hit an overhead, and as I landed on the ground with my feet I heard this huge ‘pop,’ very loud, like a gun shot. I knew right away it was a torn Achilles.”

Bernhard Langer - Two-time Masters champion

Langer has had surgery on the injury and hopes to return to the senior PGA circuit in early May.

You can see Langer in a video here 4 weeks after his surgery using his scooter to get around.

How to choose the right Pickleball Paddle with Braydon Unsicker, Pickleball Effect

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  • The future of pickleball paddles

  • Creating pickleball content and going full-time

  • Pickleball products he has created

Braydon is a really nice guy. This was a fun episode getting geeky about pickleball paddles. Enjoy!

Watch on YouTube here or listen on your favourite podcast app.

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