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  • New Paddle Technology | Find Pickleball Events near you! | Joola's take on the Pickleball Boom

New Paddle Technology | Find Pickleball Events near you! | Joola's take on the Pickleball Boom

MLP Dallas Recap | Diadem Pickleball Warrior V2 Paddle in Pink!

Addiction takes hold

There is so much news and loads of pickleball goodness I want to share, that I think it’s time to deliver the Pickleball Addiction newsletter twice a week. I’m constantly battling with keeping the newsletter short enough so that it doesn’t get clipped short by Gmail.

So with immediate effect, I plan to deliver the newsletter to your inbox on both Tuesdays and Fridays!

Pickled Events Website Launched to help pickleballers Find and Promote Events!

Upcoming Tournaments & Festivals

The list of events in this newsletter was getting long and I didn’t really like how it was being displayed. It was not easy to see at a glance which events were the closest to home. So I fixed that!

Check out the new Pickled Events website here.

Features include:

  • Search Events by location

  • Search Events by date

  • Filter Events by Tournament or Festival

  • Get directions and distances to events

  • See which events are coming up next

  • And promote your own events for free!

If you’d like to promote your event for free in the Pickleball Addiction newsletter and on the Pickled Events website. Go here.

Next Events:

Hampshire England Pickleball Masters
Kingsley Tennis Centre
16th - 19th November
Register here

Wycombe DUPR Dash
High Wycombe
18th November

For all events visit the Pickled Events website!

The new pickleball paddle with a replaceable surface!

One of the biggest issues pickleball players face with their paddles is a loss of grip. Sure, technology has improved so that surfaces are more durable and perform at an acceptable level for longer. However, depending on your level of play and how often you play these surfaces can still wear out pretty quickly.

Enter Reload. The first paddle with a replaceable surface. Chris Olson from the Pickleball Studio recently visited Reload to learn more and whilst he could not share specific details he did say he was very impressed with the process of replacing the surface which takes around 20 seconds!

Chris also shared that Reload was considering licensing this technology to other manufacturers. So it might be coming to a paddle near you soon!

The skeptic in me says that brands may just prefer to just sell more paddles but if the replaceable surfaces can be made economically viable for both players and brands then this could be the future of paddle surfaces.

You can sign up to the reload mailing list here.

Adidas creates a paddle with customizable weight and balance

After a poor first showing in the pickleball paddle market, Adidas has surprised the world with an innovative new paddle that allows you to customise its weight and balance.

Whilst this was a surprise, it probably shouldn’t have been. Adidas has a range of Padel Rackets with the Metalbone branding which allows for the same weight and balance customisation.

Adidas is a leading brand in the Padel world and the Metalbone products are very popular.

That said, it’s not just about customisation and Adidas’s success with the metalbone will be reliant on whether they can manufacture a good paddle this time around.

Adidas has only teased the metalbone on social media so far and there is no word on a release date just yet.

Check out further details on this Instagram post.

MLP Dallas sees a repeat final but this time D.C. comes out on top!

Source: MLP

Ahead of the 2nd game of season two, many professionals and pundits speculated that the MLP teams are so close together in skill level that we’d see different teams have success at each event.

That theory was emphatically wiped out as we saw a repeat of the premier level final with the D.C. Pickleball Team taking on the Orlando Squeeze once again.

Orlando Squeeze – Anna Bright, Andrei Daescu, Zane Navratil, Rachel Rohrabacher

D.C. Pickleball Team – Riley Newman, Jackie Kawamoto, Jade Kawamoto, Christian Alshon

Riley Newman said that he’d lost 5 nights of sleep following the loss to the Orlando Squeeze in Atlanta after having such a commanding lead in the final. Observing his grit and determination on the court, it didn’t look like he wanted to lose any more sleep as D.C. dominated the final this time around.

Both teams were the top two seeds in the knockout stages after going 3-0 in the group stages before easily pushing aside their semi-final opponents. D.C. beat the Brooklyn Aces in three games and the Orlando Squeeze did the same to Ben John’s and the Chicago Slice.

Final: D.C. Pickleball Team vs. Orlando Squeeze

  • D.Cs Kawamoto sisters managed to find another gear at the end of their match, beating the much revered Anna Bright and Rachel Rohrabacher 21-15.

  • Orlando’s partnership of Andrea Daescu and Zane Navratil was an undefeated team going into their match with Riley Newman and Christian Alshon but the later partnership dominated the game coasting to victory with a scoreline of 21-10.

  • D.C. managed to close out the match 3-0 with Riley Newman and Jade Kawamoto beating out Andrei Daescu and Anna Bright in a nailbiter 24-22.

Upon winning the title Riley Newman threw his hands into the air and looked to the sky, presumably happy that he didn’t have to go 5 more nights without any sleep.

In a previous issue we discussed Orlando’s shrewd drafting of Anna Bright over Riley Newman, but this time the tables were turned.

It would be a great skeptical to see these two teams battle it out again in the final game of the season but with everything that is going on at MLP and PPA, which still manages to create drama even after the merger, it’s up in the air as to whether the final event will take place before the merger shakeup in 2024.

For the spectator, let’s hope it happens!

Inside Pickleball: Joola's take on the Pickleball Boom with Truc Vo and Basti Grau

In this episode, we talk with Truc Vo and Bastian Grau from Joola about their personal experiences in Pickleball, the growth of Pickleball, Joola's participation in the sport, and what we can expect in the next 12 months.

Check out the interview on YouTube or via your favourite podcast app. Search ‘Pickleball Addiction’.

Paddle Spotlight

Diadem Pickleball Warrior V2 Paddle

Now available in Pink!

The Diadem Warrior V2 is a unique and innovative paddle, notable for its sleek, edgeless design and lighter weight compared to its predecessor, allowing for faster movement in the hands. It stands out with its vibrant yellow look and feels sturdy, a testament to Diadem's focus on quality.

The Diadem Warrior V2 is a versatile paddle, suitable for various playing preferences, offering a balanced mix of strength, precision, and spin. At 19mm thick, the Warrior line is always going to be more of a control paddle than a power paddle. That said, the Warrior V2 should have plenty of power for most players.

While the feel is firmer compared to the previous model, it provides a satisfying play experience, especially for those who prefer stability and solid response during play.

In essence, the Warrior V2 is a refreshing iteration, introducing refined characteristics and a lively play style, potentially attracting those loyal to the brand and those new to it, looking for a quality paddle.

Use coupon NEWS10 for a 10% discount on your first purchase at the Pickleball Addiction Shop.

In the News

The was a fantastic amount of media coverage for the Pickleball English Nationals, too much to list here. Click here to see pages of results from Google here.

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