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UK Players dominate the Mediterranean Open | MLP Reinstates Relegation | Christmas Gifts!

Sock and Pareneau team up for 2024 | How to Hit a Roll Volley

UK Players dominate the Mediterranean Open

Source: Mediterranean Open

There was a very strong turnout at the Mediterranean Open this last weekend with UK players taking a large proportion of the medals.

Over 200 players from all over the world traveled to Mallorca for some winter sunshine and competed at the impressive Rafa Nadal Academy.

UK players took gold in all the pro events with a host of silvers and bronzes too.

Men’s Pro Singles

Gold - James Chaddry
Bronze - Louis Laville

Women’s Pro Singles

Gold - Thaddea Lock

Men’s Pro Doubles

Gold - Peter Hitchman & Louis Laville
Silver - James Chaudry (& Spanish player Carlos Perez)

Women’s Pro Doubles

Gold - Thaddea Lock & Kao Pei Chuan
Bronze - Mollie Kubrick & Hermione Baxter Chinery

Mixed Pro Doubles

Gold - Louis Laville & Pei Chuan Kao
Silver - James Chaudry & Thaddea Lock

I even managed to pick up my first competitive pickleball medal in the mixed doubles with my lovely randomly selected partner, Lucy Morrison from Roehampton Club.

We lost all of our very closely fought round-robin games in the morning only to get into the back draw of the amateur competition and come away with a bronze. Having been 8-2 up against the eventual gold medal winners before losing the match we can only wonder what could have been. However, we were delighted to medal.

Overall, players from the UK got over 50 medals across all competitions. Check out the Pickleball Engalnd Facebook post listing them all here.

See the official results page on the Mediterranean Open website here.

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Promotion and Relegation back for MLP teams following unexpected Dutch Auction!

Source: MLP

Since the MLP decided to drop the idea of having promotion and relegation in favour of having all teams in one league earlier this year, I bemoaned the decision.

Promotion and relegation are what makes soccer so compelling as there is so much on the line for every match and as a season comes to a close, it’s as exciting down the bottom of the table as it is at the top.

I understood why team owners would not want this. Premier level teams are going to be more valuable with the best players playing for them and everyone wants a piece of that pie. But I didn’t like the decision.

So I was shocked and pleased to see that there has been a u-turn on that decision. In a fundraising exercise, the MLP decided to hold a Dutch Auction with the top 12 highest bids winning their way to a Premier place team in 2024.

The MLP raised $4.8 million dollars running this auction with the 12th highest bid being $400k.

It surprises me that the team owners were happy to do this. After all, they already own the teams why should they be bidding more on a league place? But it would appear, at least from the outside, that these owners are committed to the future of the league and were willing to stump up the cash.

The $4.8m raised with go toward subsidising the huge players’ salaries that we’ve mentioned in previous editions of Pickleball Addiction.

Following this auction, the Premier and Challenger divisions look like this:

2024 MLP Premier Teams

Arizona (AZ) Drive
Columbus Sliders
Dallas Pickleball Club
D.C. Pickleball Team
Los Angeles (LA) Mad Drops
New Jersey (NJ) 5s
New York (NY) Hustlers
Orlando Squeeze
Seattle Pioneers
St. Louis Shock
Texas Ranchers
Utah Black Diamonds

2024 MLP Challenger Teams

Atlanta Bouncers
Austin Pickleballers
Bay Area Breakers
Brooklyn Aces
California BLQK Bears
Chicago Slice
Florida Smash
Frisco Pandas
Las Vegas Night Owls
Miami Pickleball Club
Milwaukee Mashers
SoCal Hard Eights

Now that promotion and relegation are back, teams will have the chance to win a back a place at the premier level in 2025. In fact, the top 4 teams in challenger will be promoted to premier, whilst the bottom 4 teams in premier will be relegated. This should make for an exciting season next year with a lot on the line.

However, this must sting a little for a few team owners who on the old plan had earned their place in to premier level through performances on the court only to have it taken away by the auction. Hopefully, we’ll see some more stability in the league structure going forward.

To see the official announcement and more details here.

Coaching Corner

Source: Mediterranean Open

How to Hit a Roll Volley

Today’s inspiration for Coaches Corner is a video from John Cincola.

What is a roll volley?

Unlike a traditional volley, which is typically a flat and direct hit, the roll volley incorporates a spin to the ball. It's executed by rolling the paddle over the ball at the point of contact, imparting topspin. This spin causes the ball to dive sharply after crossing the net, making it challenging for opponents to return.

Mastering the roll volley in pickleball can significantly enhance your game, setting you apart from other players. This article delves into the technique, offering tips and drills to help you execute this shot like a pro. Unlike common teachings, this method focuses on efficiency and control.

Technique - The Conventional Way

Traditionally, coaches emphasize using the shoulder for the swing, keeping the wrist locked, and employing the legs to drive the shot. This method involves a substantial swing that can leave you exposed to quick returns and is generally inefficient.

A More Efficient Method

The key to a better roll volley lies in two areas:

  1. Legs for Stabilization: Instead of using legs to add power, use them to stabilize your stance during the shot. This approach ensures your body remains still and controlled.

  2. Forearm Rotation: Rather than relying on the entire arm for power, focus on wrist use and forearm rotation – imagine turning a doorknob. This technique allows for quicker paddle movement with less overall motion, resulting in a more compact and controlled swing.


  1. Forearm Rotation Exercise: Extend your arm with fingers pointed down. Rotate your forearm to point your fingers up, without moving your wrist. This mimics the roll volley motion.

  2. Paddle Toss Drill: Relax your grip and flip the paddle in the air, spinning it. This movement is akin to the roll volley's forearm rotation.

  3. Tension and Release: Let the paddle hang loosely, then create tension in your grip to pop the paddle up. This drill helps develop the quick, controlled motion needed for the shot.

In-Game Application

1. The Fourth Shot

The roll volley is particularly effective as a fourth shot. It helps maintain pressure by returning a third shot drop to the opponent's feet.

2. Attacking at the Kitchen Line

When all four players are at the kitchen line, a shortened swing is vital for quick recovery. This situation calls for a swift roll volley to take control.

3. Off a Dead Dink

Use the roll volley when you receive a dink that sits up. The quick motion makes it hard for opponents to read and respond.


The roll volley, when executed with this technique, offers a blend of speed, efficiency, and control. Practice these drills to incorporate this powerful shot into your game. Remember, it's about quick, controlled movements that leave you ready for the next shot.

To see this in action, watch this instructional video from John Cincola.

Jack Sock and Catherine Parenteau are teaming up for the entire 2024 season

Jack Sock, who announced his retirement from tennis at the end of last year, and the second-best women’s player, Catherine Parenteau have agreed to team up for mixed doubles for the entire 2024 PPA Tour season.

Jack Sock burst onto the pickleball scene last year, pairing up with Anna Leigh Waters to win a gold medal at the PPA North Carolina Open in May.

“We trained over the summer together and we plan on training together before next season starts, too”

Catherine Parenteau

The question is, will this partnership be formidable enough to beat the partnership of Ben Johns and Anna Leigh Waters? It’s probably going to be fun finding out!

“Our goal is definitely to be the best that we can be, and I’m sure we’re going to have many matches that are going to be exciting against Ben and Anna Leigh”

Catherine Parenteau

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