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  • The World Pickleball Federation (WPF) and International Pickleball Federation (IPF) merger | Salome Devideze Controversy

The World Pickleball Federation (WPF) and International Pickleball Federation (IPF) merger | Salome Devideze Controversy

Pioneering the English Premier Pickleball League with Ed Hares | Mastering the Reset

English Nationals Special

Coming soon! I spent a whole day writing up the English Nationals event only to accidentally delete the post with no obvious way to get it back. 🤦‍♂️ Yes, that really happened!

So I am currently crying into my coffee whilst I try to recreate all I wrote with only the MLP on the live stream to keep me company. It could be worse!

Whilst the English Nationals dominated the news in the UK this week, there was a little other news worth mentioning. Here’s the rest of it…

The World Pickleball Federation (WPF) and International Pickleball Federation (IPF) in merger talks

Good news for pickleballers who want to see Pickleball recognised as an Olympic sport. A requirement of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is to have a singular international governing body. Right now, this is a problem for pickleball which has the aforementioned two. As a consequence the WPF and IPF have been in merger discussions.

Both organisations acknowledge that there are several key issues that need to be addressed before a merger can be realised but both organisations are confident that the issues are not insurmountable.

With both organisations keen to see pickleball recognised by the IOC by the Brisbane Olymipics in 2032 there is a strong incentive to make the merger happen.

Read the full press release here.

Pioneering the English Premier Pickleball League with Ed Hares

It's the Premier Pickleball League's (PPL) inaugural season. A place for top players to meet and compete on a more regular basis and showcase the UK's best talent.

Halfway through the season, we catch up with one of the founders, Ed Hares, to discuss why the league was set up, what's happened so far, learnings for season one, and the exciting expansion plans for season 2.

Check out the interview on YouTube or via your favourite podcast app. Search ‘Pickleball Addiction’.

Controversy surrounds Salome Devideze again…

Pro US player Salome Devideze was once again at the centre of cheating allegations, this time by Megan Fudge. Salome has a history of players accusing her of bad line calls and Megan decided it was time to take a stand.

After losing to Salome in the semi-finals of APP Dallas, Megan announced on X that she would no longer be participating in APP singles events until there was a rule change that had harsher consequences for points that were repeatedly overruled by referees.

Whilst a rule change has not been implemented yet, Megan’s comments were not ignored by the APP with additional line judges in place for Salome’s final against Judit Castillo.

Source: APPTV

Salome came through the adversity winning the final 11-7, 11-1.

You can watch the final here.

Meet Team Pickleball Addiction

Pickleball Addiction sponsored a team at this year's English Nationals for the MLP Style team event.

I met with Team Pickleball Addiction ahead of the nationals to discuss our expectations for the event.

The Pickleball Addiction Team is:

  • Thaddea Lock

  • Rhodri Oliver

  • Elaine Brown

  • Mark Johnson

In this episode, we meet the team and learn a little bit about them.

Check out the interview on YouTube or via your favourite podcast app. Search ‘Pickleball Addiction’.

Coaching Corner

Elevate Your Pickleball Game: Mastering the Reset Shot.

Source: Pickleball England

The reset is not just another shot; it's a strategy, a way to get back into a point when you’re back is up against the wall. Instead of aiming for a counterattack when an opponent fires a hard volley, the reset focuses on defending the shot and softly dropping the ball back into the kitchen.

This is a shot that should be practiced and mastered as it makes up an essential part of any player’s soft game.

Keys to a Successful Reset

Paddle Placement: Always keep the paddle out in front. It's a challenge to reset the ball with contact behind the body. Whether it's a forehand or backhand, the paddle should be about an arm's length in front of the player.

And you shouldn’t be swinging the paddle, the reset is about defending and cushioning the shot to take all the pace off the ball.

Grip Pressure: A significant aspect of the reset is the pressure with which a player holds the paddle. A scale of 1-10 is useful here, with 10 being the tightest grip and 1 being extremely loose.

A grip pressure of around 3 allows the paddle to act like a mattress, absorbing the power of the shot, as opposed to a brick wall (when using a tight grip) which rebounds the ball with force. This relaxed grip facilitates the absorption of the ball's speed, ensuring a soft drop into the kitchen.

Body Position: The body's stance can make or break a reset. Being low and directly behind the ball is important. Just as pushing a heavy box requires a firm, grounded stance, controlling a hard shot requires a similarly strong base. If you are not standing behind the ball but instead reaching for it this is going to make the reset challenging and harder to control.

The beauty of the reset shot lies in its ability to shift gameplay dynamics. When a player is on the defensive, whether mid-court or closer to the net, a reset can neutralise the opponent's advantage. By ensuring the ball lands softly in the kitchen, the shot becomes unattackable, offering the defending player a chance to move from a defensive position to a neutral one.


Mastering the reset can be hugely beneficial for anyone’s pickleball game. Instead of counter-attacking and allowing your opponent to continue being offensive in a rally, a reset can shift the dynamics of the point so that your opponent is only able to make a neutral or defensive shot.

Getting back into points that you are losing is a big part of the game and the reset is a great shot to have in your toolbox to help achieve that goal.

Paddle Spotlight

JOOLA Vision CGS 16

The Joola Vision CGS 16 paddle is a popular paddle that is great for newer players that want to start taking the game more seriously.

This is a professional paddle that features a unique AERO-CURV head shape that enhances swing speed and reduces drag.

Weighing in at 7.8oz the paddles are constructed with a responsive polymer honeycomb core and a unique carbon grip hitting surface.

The carbon grip surface on the Vision CGS series allows for exceptional spin generation. Whether you're playing forehand or backhand slices, you can generate good spin with this paddle.

From its grip to its control during dinks, this paddle proves to be a reliable choice for both beginners and seasoned players alike. If you're in the market for a new paddle, this one is certainly worth considering.

Use coupon NEWS10 for a 10% discount on your first purchase at the Pickleball Addiction Shop.

Upcoming Tournaments & Festivals

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Chesterfield Festival
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January 7th 2024
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14th January 2024
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20th January 2024
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Burgess Hill
20th January 2024
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21st January 2024
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Southampton Pickleball Festival & Event
27th - 28th January 2024
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Leeds Game Set Match Doubles Weekend
27th - 28th January 2024
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Dinkin’ in the Midlands
3rd - 4th February 2024
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The Stoehr Cup (Team Tournament)
24th - 25th February 2024
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Leigh Pickleball Festival
25th February 2024
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Hertfordshire Festival
9th March 2024
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Leeds Pickleball Easter Open
5th - 7th April 2024
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Dinkin’ in the Big Hall
22nd and 23rd June
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Herts Mixed Doubles Tournament
21st-22nd September 2024
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Edinburgh Pickleball Festival
4th November 2023

Scots/Welsh Interclub Event
25th November 2023
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Glasgow West Pickleball Festival
23rd March 2024
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