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  • Does the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) want to control pickleballs future in the UK? | English Team to be entered into the first European Pickleball Open

Does the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) want to control pickleballs future in the UK? | English Team to be entered into the first European Pickleball Open

Franklin Premier Pickleball League Final date and venue announced | Mastering the 4th Shot in Pickleball | Upcoming UK Tournaments & Festivals

Does the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) want to control pickleballs future in the UK?

Source: Lawn Tennis Association

At Pickleball England’s AGM, held on February 18th, Karen Mitchell, co-founding director and chair of Pickleball England spoke of the recent lack of progress in getting the sport recognised by Sport England.

Pickleball England has been in conversation with both Sport England and the LTA on the topic for some time but things seemingly stalled when Sport England extended the timeframe on a decision regarding pickleball’s acceptance at the start of this year.

Pickleball England’s conversations with the LTA have not been particularly productive to date. Having met with the LTA several times last year, the LTA put forward a proposal to make pickleball part of its “Tennis Opened Up” strategy making it a feeder sport for tennis at the youth level and at the other end of the age bracket, a sport for older generations when tennis becomes too physically challenging.

Whilst pickleball can absolutely be played by both young and old, one of the big appeals of the sport, the “Tennis Opened Up” strategy would not give pickleball the recognition it deserves as a fast-growing and exciting sport in its own right.

It would appear that Sport England has delayed matters because it has a decision to make regarding who should ‘run pickleball’ in the UK. Pickleball England or the LTA.

“The LTA see Pickleball as a threat.”

Karen Mitchell - Pickleball England

Pickleball England and pickleball enthusiasts alike have reservations about the LTA running the sport. They fear that the sport will be neglected in favour of tennis with very little investment in the game. And if you look at British Padel, which merge with the LTA 5 years ago, you can see why.

Whilst Padel has grown rapidly in the UK in this time frame this has been largely down to private investment and not investment by the LTA. And according to an article in the Telegraph this week, these private investors suggest that the LTA gets in the way more than helps.

“Speak to people within the padel world, see what the impact is of the LTA having taken over padel, and come to your own conclusions.”

James Chaudry - Pickleball Pro and Pickleball England Board Member

So what’s next? Pickleball England will be meeting with Sport England to ‘discuss Pickleball’ in March. What that means right now is unclear. Is it a meeting regarding the application of furthering the conversation about who will control pickleball in the UK?

We will watch closely to see what happens next.

I interviewed Karen Mitchell co-founder of Pickleball England to get her view. You can watch it here.

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English Team to be entered into the first European Pickleball Open

Source: Europen Pickleball Federation

The European Pickleball Federation has announced the inaugural European Pickleball Team Championship will be held on Saturday 23rd November and Sunday 24th November 2024 at the David Lloyd Tennis Centre in Southampton.

The tournament will be hosted on up to 20 acrylic courts, the perfect playing surface for pickleball.

Teams will be competing for the first time to be crowned ‘Champions of Europe’. Pickleball England will have a player selection process which they will be announcing in soon.

For those who don’t get selected, there is also a Pre EPC Open Tournament on Thursday 21st November and Friday 22nd November. Registration for the Pre EPC tournament opens on Monday 18th March for countries other than the UK and for UK participants on Monday 25th March.

So far Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey have expressed an interest in entering a team.

For more details regarding the EPC Tournament click here.

Coaching Corner

Source: Pickleball England

Mastering the 4th Shot in Pickleball

Inspiration for today’s coaching order comes from this video by Kyle Koszuta.

The 4th shot in pickleball is something that is not discussed very often. Understanding and mastering the 4th shot can significantly improve a team’s chance of winning the point. Here's a look at how to approach and execute the 4th shot effectively.

The Importance of the 4th Shot

The 4th shot in pickleball is pivotal because it sets the stage for the rest of the point. Following the serve (1st shot), return (2nd shot), and the third shot (typically a drop shot aiming to approach the net or a drive), the 4th shot can either solidify your team's advantage or help in regaining control of the point. Proper execution of this shot is vital for dictating the pace and direction of play.

Understanding Positional Advantage

Positional advantage in pickleball is crucial, with the kitchen (non-volley zone) line being the most strategic location on the court. Players aim to be at the kitchen line to increase their chances of winning points.

The concept of "+1 advantage" and "+2 advantage" highlights the importance of having more players at the kitchen line than the opposing team, thereby creating a positional benefit.

A +1 advantage means having one more player at the kitchen than the opposition or a +2 advantage is having two more players at the kitchen than the opposition.

Reading the Opponent's Third Shot

The approach to the 4th shot largely depends on the nature of the opponent's third shot.

Responding to a Drive

When facing a drive on the third shot, the primary goal is to maintain or increase your team's positional advantage. This involves either blocking the drive back to the hitter or, more strategically, redirecting the ball away from the aggressor to exploit gaps in the opponent's positioning.

Short, compact swings are recommended to control the power of the drive and place the ball effectively.

Responding to a Drop

If the opponent opts for a drop shot, the aim is to challenge their advancement to the kitchen line. A high drop shot should be met with an aggressive attack, aiming to keep the opponents at the baseline.

When the drop shot is around net height, the objective shifts to making it difficult for the opponents to approach the net, usually by hitting the ball to the weaker player or in a way that complicates their next shot.

When an opponent hits a drop shot that effectively neutralizes your advantage and positions them to advance to the kitchen line, the choice to concede—rather than aggressively attempting to retain control—can be crucial.

This decision involves recognizing when the opponent's shot quality limits your offensive options, thereby opting to reset the point by allowing them to move forward without risking error or a vulnerable position.

Conceding in this manner is about acknowledging the opponent's successful shot, aiming to minimize potential damage, and preparing for a more favorable opportunity to regain the advantage.

Advanced Considerations

The decision to attack or play defensively in response to a drop shot hinges on several factors, including the trajectory of the incoming ball and your position relative to the kitchen line.

A critical aspect of the 4th shot is deciding whether to volley the ball (take it out of the air) or let it bounce.

The choice depends on the shot's potential effectiveness and the player's ability to apply pressure without conceding positional advantage.


Mastering the 4th shot in pickleball involves a blend of tactical awareness, shot selection, and execution. Players must adapt their response based on their opponents' third shot, aiming to maintain or enhance their positional advantage while preventing the opposing team from gaining ground.

Understanding these dynamics and practicing various responses to different scenarios will significantly improve a player's effectiveness on the court, turning the 4th shot into a powerful tool in their pickleball arsenal.

For more detailed information and examples, watch this video from Kyle Koszuta.

Franklin Premier Pickleball League Final date and venue announced

Source: Premier Pickleball League

The Franklin Premier Pickleball League has announced that the Season One final will take place at the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre on Sunday 28th April. A Premier Pickleball League festival and clinic will take place at the same time so you can learn from the pros, play a few sets, and watch the best players in the UK all on the same day. Sounds like a great day out to me!

Source: Premier Pickleball League

The clinic and festival registration will open up on 1st March at 7am.

As reported in a previous edition of the Pickleball Addiciton newsletter, Team Pickleball Store goes into the final as favourites having finished top of the league and therefore have gained top seeding. Will they be able to finish the job and win the inaugural Franklin Premier League title? We’ll find out on April 28th.

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